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New Format for Comments

Some of you may notice a change in the way we display comments. Previously, they were displayed with the newest at the top, but some readers found that confusing. As of today, they will be displayed with the oldest at the top, with new comments added at the bottom. If you're looking for the latest comments, scroll down to the bottom. That way, if you decide to add your own comment, you will find the form at the bottom of the list.

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i guess this is better!!! :-)

Posted by: | Apr 27, 2007 2:25:25 AM


Here’s something that may be of interest.

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Posted by: dutch smith | Aug 12, 2008 2:01:02 PM

Adding a rating's function beside each comment would be very helpful (like on Youtube). This helps highlight any particularly helpful or insightful comments especially if the post has a long comments section (e.g., 200).
This serves to gauge opinion and help both the readers and commentators. Thank you!

Posted by: OC | Apr 22, 2011 5:09:29 AM

I am an allied-health and chiropractic medicine student drop-out. I never even have a chance to take my MCAT due to “External and Inhumane Situations” happened to me about a couple of years ago although I invested a lot of my time and energy in studying for the test!

Well, I am always interested in the subject of compassion. Compassion by all means is always a necessity in order for the healer to be an effective and true healer to his or her patients; and to lessen or eradicate the patients’ sufferings. Without true compassion or empathy toward our fellow human beings, it is not possible for the healer to get into the mind, heart, spirit, and soul of the wounded patients. As a result, the patient’s condition(s) will persist; this patient will function with maladies day in and day out until “the right pair of eyes and ears with the right heart, mind, and intuition of a healer” to dig in deep and dig out the root causes of the disorders and symptoms that present in the patient’s body. So, being compassionate is so crucial to show respect to the profession and purpose of medicine, nursing, and other healthcare fields! Nevertheless, being compassionate is not enough to be a true healer, because an authentic and effective healer is required to have a deep and accurate understanding of the body, body systems, and body functions prior to understanding the disorders and dysfunctions of the patient. Then, it is appropriate to apply the most accurate diagnosis to the patient’ condition(s.) So, science, art, and compassion go together and one cannot live without another!

Even though it is true that medical, nursing, or other healthcare students in general are going through tremendous pressure during the semester, trimester, quarter, and so on, but the quality of compassion in a person does not and cannot fade away easily simply because the students are experiencing unreasonable amount of external pressure such as they have to know so many things within a short amount of time and the fact their future medical career is depending upon their achievement in school! As the author of the article stated, compassion is within! Since compassion is within, whatever external conditions or inflicted upon us, our innate compassion and empathy toward our fellow human being shall not and must not be compromised because compassion indeed is one of the most sacred and genuine gifts of quality that a human being can have, not just healthcare providers!
Well, I believe compassion and empathy can be taught in many subtle ways and to certain degree. For example, when our mind and heart are watching and absorbing compassionate behaviors of others such as individuals that we respect, admire, and value, etc. it is very natural for many of us to be touched by their compassion, empathy, and humanitarian love toward another human being—the wounded or injured human being. For example, even many TV shows put strong emphasis on compassion, empathy, ethics, justices, mercy, etc. and then, the neurons in our body and mind simply help us to connect to a deeper and wider level of connections and consciousness to open our heart, mind, spirit, soul, and body in exercising and honoring our duty to be a compassionate, empathetic, and genuine person toward our fellow human beings, especially the wounded ones.

Perhaps, one of the obvious blockages in preventing a person (i.e. the medical student, doctor, or nursing student) to be compassionate is that this person in essence has not developed good and attentive listening skills—skills that are essential for the healer to fully understand the nature, magnitude, and severity of the patient’s dysfunctions, sorrows, and conditions. So, when physicians are not listening to the needs of their patients and not intending to understand the patients’ dysfunctions in a deep and accurate level, then, the doctors most likely will jump into conclusion too fast—the wrong conclusion—inaccurate diagnoses. Therefore, the patients probably are not going to get the care they need from their doctors or healthcare providers!

Although compassion is innate, but it could be learned as well if we just “tap into the right source and energy” and let our heart, mind, and spirit guide us though the journey in being a human being and being a true healer!

Posted by: Amy | Jul 11, 2011 1:02:04 AM

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