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It Takes a Debacle to Incite Doctors

Aaronsingh72x721Aaron Singh -- Thousands of doctors marched on London last Saturday, stirred to action by the huge injustice that is the Medical Training Application Service (which I blogged about in my previous post). The march, organised by medical protest group Remedy UK, saw 12,000 junior doctors, consultants, professors, medical students, general practitioners and supporters (and even a few nurses out in support of their medical brethren) marching from the Royal College of Physicians to the Royal College of Surgeons, two of the oldest medical regulatory bodies in the country (who are, incidentally, also having their decades-old autonomy interfered with by the government simply for not acceding to their requests for a greater say in their affairs). Another march took place in Glasgow on the same day that also attracted hundreds of protesters.

Even opposition politicians dropped by to take advantage of the government’s mess. Conservative Party leader David Cameron made a stirring speech in which he talked about “treating doctors like human beings” and giving respect to the profession. Applause and cheers greeted him. It has been a long time since anyone, especially politicians, spoke about doctors that way.

Doctors are not easy to incite. We are not rabid militants who jump up and start burning effigies at the first sign of our rights being infringed upon. It takes even more to get us on the streets, away from our wards and hospitals. But when that happens, it is a serious sign that something is wrong. Very wrong.

All throughout the week little else has been spoken about in London hospitals. There are whisperings of doctors leaving for Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Still more are planning to leave medicine altogether and take up an MBA course. One colleague told me the interviewer for a London MBA course had himself been a doctor years before!

But here in the academic backwaters of Cambridge, all the protest and hullabaloo has not reached us. The Easter vacation has begun, and for us that means it is time to buckle down and do some hardcore revision. Thanks to the lack of clinical exposure here, most medics are blissfully unaware of the chaos that will greet them upon graduation. What do we know? We’re just medical students. Now excuse me while I go enjoy some blissful ignorance by burying my head in Neurobiology.

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I agree, although we are so close to London, we do not seem to be affected (or cared) about this events. Perhaps only nerd stayed back in Cambridge (speaks much for us though :P)), and they are all either getting ready for exams or will go into research. Although, I think once we graduate, we will be extremely disapproving of the latest development (and wonder why didn't we join the protest so many years ago).

Hope you are enjoying your Easter break and getting ready for exams.

Posted by: Eugene, Cambridge | Mar 22, 2007 8:27:38 AM

WELL done Aaron,Bapio is fighting for years,will they be able to stop Lords verdict.

I met Dr Prabhu for few seconds only.

Problem is in not only in NHS,but everywhere, everyone is busy and not concerned very much of the patients except that is not my job,ask them and blame goes gone or speak to him may be he will help

They were following exactly the Indian system of medicine but my country is diversified and united.East or West India is best

I believe,United we divide we fall.


Posted by: ketan gandhi | Mar 28, 2007 9:47:48 AM

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