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Update on UK Doctors' Situation

Aaronsingh72x721Aaron Singh -- Since my last post, an event has happened that has had doctors cheering in the wards and medical students taking time off revision to go to the pub with their comrades to drink in celebration (not that I’d know anything about that. Cough). Right after I sent in my previous post, the National Director of Modernising Medical Careers (MMC), the administrative nightmare that has been plaguing British junior doctors for the past few months, announced his resignation. In his announcement, Professor Alan Crockard stated that he thought “the principles of MMC are laudable and I stand by them. More patients should be treated by trained doctors, rather than doctors in training."

(Now, how exactly he thought that we could get trained doctors OTHER than letting doctors-in-training treat patients, I don’t know, but hey, I am but a humble brain-damaged drone slogging away in the academic backwaters of Cambridge, not some head honcho at MMC Central. That sort of job probably requires more brain cells than I have left, especially after most of mine committed mass suicide (apoptosis?) after about 3 hours of continuous pharmacology.)

However, he ended with a nice acknowledgement of the profession’s opinion of the whole fiasco: “But the overriding message coming back from the profession is that it has lost confidence in the current recruitment system.” Now that is a refreshing change from the government’s official stand. So far, doctors have not received a single apology or acknowledgement of the medical profession’s dissatisfaction with the system. If Professor Crockard stepped down in genuine protest against the failures of the system, then he truly deserves to be applauded.

The review of the whole process that the government promised, which was supposed to be jointly carried out by representatives from the government as well as the medical profession, has also suffered a setback. The British Medical Association (BMA) has pulled out of the review in protest.

I have no idea what you all think of me now for spamming this blog with MMC updates, but I hope some of you have found this informative. (The rest of you, hold your rotten tomatoes! Let me get my flak armour on first.) Back to the library!

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I am holding on to my rotten tomatoes Aaron, not because I am letting you get your armour on, but to get the answer to Victoria's genuine query on your previous blog :P

What I want to know is - how come the BMA, Royal Colleges and consultants etc weren't making a big fuss about this BEFORE it got put into action? Surely there were at least SOME doctors involved in designing the application process?

Posted by: Umme Habiba | Apr 6, 2007 10:45:20 AM

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