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Letters From Iwo Jima (And By Iwo Jima I Mean The Examination Hall)

NewaaronAaron Singh -- Okay, so exams are almost over, and I’m about to commit the grand mistake of saying the Most Famous Line Ever To Medical Students, the one that ALL of us say at some point or another, usually right after walking out of a particularly disastrous exam:

“Never again!”

Never again will I cram for exams. From now on I’m going to be a good boy, compile all my notes well before exams, look through all the past-year papers available, highlight and colour-code my lecture notes, dot my I’s, cross my T’s, and generally work like one of those anal-retentive quasi-military nerds we all hate but secretly want to become (oh come on, good grades and thick glasses are sexy, and you know it).

Seen any flying pigs yet?

We all go through the phase; we don’t work as hard as we’d like to for exams, don’t perform as well as we wanted to, then we make these promises to ourselves out of guilt and a desire to do better. In my experience, these promises tend to last until about 24 minutes after your last exam, when you’re in a pub somewhere having a celebratory drink (or a few hundred), that jukebox near the door is starting to look REALLY attractive, and ‘levator labii superioris alaeque nasi’ sounds like something your grandmother would slap you for saying out loud.

But hey. We try, and we try again. Medicine is all about not giving in when you fail repeatedly. And hopefully each time we get better. Hopefully.

I’ve just got one more practical paper to go, and then I’m free, FREE!

See you all then for more thoughts on the horrors of Cambridge exams. And no mention of jukeboxes!

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"(oh come on, good grades and thick glasses are sexy, and you know it)."

~~cool.....i'm a hottie?!....LOL ~~~

Posted by: DrM2B | Jun 5, 2007 3:32:51 PM

Hey, there are a lot of very attractive jukeboxes out there. There's no shame in that. I even had one come on to me once. Only problem is they can't dance worth a damn. I ended up with two broken toes and had to listen to George Micheal songs all night.

Posted by: Kendra | Jun 6, 2007 9:41:34 AM

*sigh* Isn't it always the same?
And the beginning of the year is so tremendously wonderful for pseudo-optimists. You start off well, yes, but by the time the week's over it's back to procrastination-central, only to see you cramming month before the next exams anyway (if you're lucky).

Ah well. Hope springs eternal.

Posted by: Pawlu | Jun 7, 2007 6:15:16 AM

Good grades are most definitely sexy! Thick glasses --- not so much.

Posted by: Xavier Emmanuelle | Jun 14, 2007 9:57:21 AM

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