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Psych Me Out Too

NewaaronAaron Singh -- (To those of you who have noticed: yes, I did indeed just steal the title of this post from my colleague Anna’s earlier post, because a) it had something to do with my post and b) I couldn’t be bothered to think up a new and original one. Amazingly lazy? Yes, but hello - this IS me we’re talking about.)

As I mentioned in a previous post, one of the idiosyncrasies (and attractions) of the highly traditional course at Cambridge is that in our third year we’re free to do whatever course we want, even non-medically related ones, and earn a BSc in that subject. After throwing around a few options (including Pathology, Neuroscience, and the curiously popular that’s-it-I-can’t-stand-medicine-anymore option Law) I settled on Experimental Psychology, partly because I really enjoyed the Psych lectures last year, and partly because one of the lecturers is Professor Simon Baron-Cohen. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s the most handsome man in the world OMG I love his eyes the cousin of Sacha Baron-Cohen, the actor who plays ‘Borat’ and ‘Signor Pirelli’ in the new film ‘Sweeney Todd’. Professor Baron-Cohen is sadly more well-known for this fact than for being amongst the world’s foremost psychopathologists and a leader in autism research, as well as a damned good lecturer. I’m doing my dissertation under his supervision this year, as well as trying hard to avoid getting slapped with a restraining order trying to be more disciplined and organised with my work this year to avoid last year’s fiasco (and the subsequent death threats from my tutors. It’s nice to be alive, you know).

Next year however, we get to go to clinical school, also known as the ‘OHMIGAWD I’M FINALLY GONNA BE A DOCTOR!’ stage of our medical education. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, for those of you just starting to read my posts (you have my sympathies – run whilst you still can), the Cambridge system means that for the first three years of medical school we get to park our butts in lecture theatres all day getting biochemical minutiae shovelled down our throats and seeing patients an average of 2 times a year. Next year however, we get to apply to clinical schools (yes folks – another round of application forms, interviews, and chewing your nails whilst harassing the postman every day for results letters – even when you’ve ALREADY gotten into med school! And you wonder why I’m deranged?).

I’ll write more about where I applied to after the results come out (so that anybody already studying there can immediately apply for transfer on grounds of fearing for their mental health). Wish me luck!

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Good luck, my sweet! Can't believe you have to go through all of that @#$% (censors, we're more formal over here!) again, i am sooo sorry, that really @#$%&@. i hope you get through it all quickly, i know you will do fine. i hope you get the placement of your dreams. love, tracy

Posted by: Tracy | Feb 5, 2008 10:23:19 AM

Glad to see that you're still so positive about the whole thing. lol. I remember the drunken/hungover email you sent me about applying, or not as it were, to Jesus. But naturally I am still naive enough to take it with a pinch of salt, although incidently my offer's not from Jesus. Perhaps I'm deranged to think that I will actually enjoy my time at Cambridge.

Good luck with your apps. xx

Posted by: esme | Feb 5, 2008 12:58:19 PM

It's a BA, call it what it is. Explain in another post why it's called a BA and not a BSc but never obscure the facts.

Posted by: | Feb 7, 2008 3:10:49 AM

Good Luck Aaron... :)

Hope everything turns out well for you...!!

I do really believe in second chances. Failure can make you realise how much you really want the success... even if it's deep down, when all you speak of is being desperate to watch "Sweeny Todd" the barber...


Posted by: Ms Ellisa | Feb 9, 2008 10:16:16 AM

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