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Have Aliens Stolen My Brain?

Kendracampbell572x721Kendra Campbell -- I told myself that I’d write this blog post a few days ago. But here it is already Wednesday, and I’m just now starting it. I think I just realized why it’s been so hard for me to think of something to write about. I’m pretty sure that aliens kidnapped me, stole the creative parts of my brain to use as a giant battery charging device on their planet, and returned my body back to my apartment, all without anyone noticing anything.

Okay, so maybe there is another good explanation. I’m now several weeks into my studying program for my board exam. I only have two more weeks left until the day of pain and torture arrives. So, what has my life been like for the past few weeks? Unbearably lifeless and boring.

Yes, I have taken breaks to enjoy life and have fun with my friends, but the only thing that I’ve done related to medicine is study piles of basic science information that I once learned what seems like millions of years ago. At first, I was excited, and really started to have fun with the studying, but I’ve since hit a wall.

There is simply no context. There are no patients. There are no doctors. There aren’t even any professors or fellow med students as far as the eye can see. It’s just me, my books, and my laptop, banging away for hours in a creepy vortex.

I have lost all sense of space and time. And I think I’ve also lost all inspiration and creativity. I love to write. I have always loved scribbling down my thoughts and going on lengthy written rants. It’s always been a hobby that has kept me entertained. But sitting for hours upon hours, cramming seemingly pointless facts into my poor little brain has apparently sucked the creativity right out of me. It’s either that, or I was actually right about the alien theory.

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Queue Rod Serling's oh-so-well-known theme from "The Twilight Zone"!

Posted by: Jared | May 15, 2008 5:12:05 AM

keep at it, you will get there!!!!

Posted by: irene | May 15, 2008 3:47:17 PM

Good luck Kendra! I took off I think 3 weeks and 6 days between my 2nd year finals and Step 1 date. Although I definitely needed the time, by the end of the second week I wished it was just over... cabin fever had kicked in bigtime! But you're close... and the feeling of walking out of that exam into the free afternoon air... oh it's priceless!

Posted by: Amanda | May 20, 2008 4:14:18 PM

"two more weeks left until the day of pain and torture arrives."

not true, the torture is in the preparation. After doing many practice questions, the test isn't painful. I felt like it was sort of like hitting the print button after spending all night typing a paper.

Posted by: jane | May 20, 2008 4:56:40 PM

hey kendra i did my step 1 in dec.I'm an IMG and attended a Caribbean school..trust me u'll be happy u took the time to prepare for it and also after it is over u'll feel the hugiest sense of relief ever.until step 2 of course.lol.GOOD LUCK!!!

Posted by: Denyse | May 21, 2008 9:06:33 AM

I'm a final year med student in a country in West Africa. I remember the month of Dec 2006 and the few months before it. You re right about losing sense of space and time. But trust me when u walk out of the prometric center after u're done, u 'll realize the aliens did not come for your brains after all. And of course with the accumulated experience of step 1, step 2 will be a breeze. I found it relatively easier prepping for step 2. Good Luck.

Posted by: michael | May 21, 2008 9:42:23 AM

I have this little quote on my desk: "If you can't change your fate change your attitude." Start talking about this test like its an exciting challenge to your mind, an excellent exercise in developing your patience, and a fantastic goal that you're so close to you can almost touch it! Literally try saying this stuff in your head or out loud every day (your unconscious will pick it up even if your conscious mind tosses it away).

Posted by: lani | May 23, 2008 8:02:04 PM

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