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Seasons of Med

Thomasrobey72x722Thomas Robey -- June and July are the transition months for medical students, residents, and the entire medical community in the United States. Many schools and programs have a brief respite that allows trainees to recover from a busy year. Now is as good a time as any to wish you a:

Happy New Year!

525,600 minutes, 525,600 moments so dear.

525,600 minutes -- how do you measure, measure a year?

In call nights, in lectures, in complaints, in cups of coffee.

In write-ups, in IVs, in needles and thread.

In 525,600 minutes -- how do you measure a year in the med?

Congratulations to graduates and well wishes for moving to a new city and starting your residency. To all the medical students who got to step-up to the next level this week, well done! Good luck on USMLE Steps 1 and 2 if you haven't taken them yet. Applicants and first year students: keep up the hard work that will prepare you for a healing career.

My resolution for this coming medical year is to take more frequent pauses to consider those 525,600 moments so dear.

Credit and apologies to Jonathan Larson

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