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No Downtime in Second Year

JeffJeff Wonoprabowo -- You can't afford any downtime. That was the message I heard from one of our professors (who also happens to be one of our deans) during the orientation to second year. As he is one of the course directors for Pharmacology, he suggested that we make flash cards. And those flash cards, he told us, should always be with us. Because should we find ourselves with a little spare time, we can pick them up and look at drug names, their mechanism of action, and what they are used to treat.

It's all quite overwhelming. The night before orientation -- and even walking to orientation -- I was very excited. Almost the kind of excitement I felt coming back from summer vacation in elementary school.

The excitement, though, has dwindled. Although it isn't all gone. I'm still pretty hyped. But the anxiety has also gone up.

I'm worried about the course load. The people I've talked to/heard from say that it's just harder than first year. A lot more stuff.

But I'm also looking forward to learning about diseases. The curriculum here at Loma Linda has us learning "normal" during first year and the diseases during second year. It should be fun.

I also got pretty excited when I saw that, scheduled on our first Friday, was a lecture entitled "Overview of Mental Disorders." After reading Kendra's post on Med Student Personality Disorders, I can't wait to hear what I have! And that's the way it is with the rest of our schedule. To my inexperienced eyes, it looks like the year will be jam-packed with info. But the info looks more clinical than last year. And for someone not interested in research as a career (at least not at this point), that is always a good thing!

Before orientation, I joked to my cousin that my excitement would be gone within two days. I certainly hope it stays a lot longer than that.

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have fun n enjoy
it'll come handy one day...

Posted by: jonazzz | Sep 19, 2008 6:22:17 AM

I think we want think positive & have fun always

Posted by: Indunil | Sep 22, 2008 2:04:54 AM

hi jeff.second year was hard
do u have any indonesian root?

Posted by: elpen | Sep 22, 2008 7:58:23 PM


Both my parents were born in Indonesia..

Posted by: Jeff W | Sep 28, 2008 7:56:20 PM

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