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My Life These Days

NewannaAnna Burkhead -- Wake up. DID I OVERSLEEP? Did my alarm not go off?

Oh wait, I’m not on a rotation now, I don’t need to get up.

Get up anyways. Maybe some residency program coordinator on the east coast is an early bird, and is sending out interview invitations at this hour. Check my email. Wishful thinking.

Make some coffee. Read a news story online. Check email. Read another news story. Check email again.

Random cleaning / errand / meeting. Check email. No residency interview invitations.

Pick up suit from dry cleaners. Wonder if anyone notices or cares that I wear the same thing to each interview. Think about how I can’t afford another suit anyway because of the plane flights and hotel rooms. Check bank account balance, pout briefly.

Check email. WHERE ARE THE INVITES, PEOPLE?! Check Dermatology student forum to see if anyone else has gotten an interview invitation today. Feel better that everyone else is sitting in front of their computer repeatedly pressing “Get Mail” button in between idle online browsing sessions.

Write thank-you notes to interviewers. Lament the fact that today’s second graders are no longer taught how to write in cursive.

Check email. Check spam folder, just in case.

Phone call from a friend who’s out on the interview trail. Canned “I don’t know” when asked why the Dermatology programs wait until late in the season to offer invitations. Check email while on the phone.

Double-check arrangements for three piggybacked one-way flights so I can attend the most interviews possible. Try to forget that I hate flying.

Scroll through my ridiculously color-coded interview spreadsheet. Hope no one else ever sees it.

“Business Casual” for interview dinner. Eat well, ask a lot of questions, drink a little wine.

Lay out suit for interview tomorrow. Set alarm. Dream about March 19th.

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wow,,,this is sooo much to handle..

i wish u luck ... be strong as usual

Posted by: dr.sms | Dec 10, 2008 8:44:10 PM

Where do you lay your suit? On your bed? Can I help?

Posted by: Shane | Dec 14, 2008 8:22:22 PM

Thanks, Anna.

Keep at it. Concentrate. Youll get a cool derm prog yet!

Wishing you success!

(btw, i went to undergrad in Greenville - ECU. Loved it!...and did Navy Reserves in Raleigh. Loved Research Triangle even more!)

Posted by: bruce | Dec 17, 2008 2:27:05 PM

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